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Pendant- The Martial Wealth God  

The Wishfulfilling Wealth, Luck and Authority(Power) – Zhao Gong Ming Chai Shen (The Martial Wealth God) Pendant

Name: Zhao Gong Ming Chai Shen

Year: 2011

Batch: 1st Batch originally created for close disciples and students only, by request of his students he had now made available 99pcs only to be offered to students and previous client.

Color: Wide oval glass pendant in color

Material: Created from many holy powders, that is extremely auspicious.

Size: 31 x 23mm (1.25" x .9") in diameter Oval shape pendant

Ceremony: Dr.Wilson Yong created this wealthy amulet in auspicious time and strongly blessed for long time by himself. At the back of the amulet he had written the sacred word on a piece of gold foil, and embedded into the amulet to increase the power of the amulet. There are also gemstones embedded. 

Presented: There are holy masses in Zhao Gong Ming Chai Shen amulet such as a powerful piece of gold foil written with the sacred words, gemstones, minerals, holy powders made from the best of all fruits, cereals, holy water, honey, sweets, milk products (all this represents abundance of life).
Also contains various valuable incense ingredients such as white, red sandalwood, saffron, gugula incense, bezoar, herbs and other strictly selected materials.

Zhao Gong Ming Chai Shen (The Martial Wealth God) Power Pendant:

1. Subdue evils and remove obstacles.

2. Protect from harm and bring forth auspiciousness.

3. Cleanse defilements.

4. Remove impurities.

5. Bring Wealth, Luck, Success, and Good Business.

6. People will be attracted to you, everyone will find you likeable.

7. Great charismatic power feared by others, being in authority and have great confidence. As Zhao Gong Ming Chai Shen commands authority and power. You will gain his attributes once you wear the pendant.

Instruction be given on how to use the pendant, you can create holy water to bless your premises or goods to have better sales, how to activate or gain charismatic power when negotiating with client. A mantra be given with the pendant.

Comes in an encased casing, box and an original certificate to commemorate this batch of pendants.




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  • Pendant
  • Title: The Martial Wealth God Pendant


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