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Master Gui Gu Zi (Master of Divination)

Master Gui Gu Zi are the patron god or saints for most metaphysic practitioner. He is invoked to give insights into the future, using several forms of divination. Using the I-Ching divination, Cards, etc...

We are now able to offer accurate advice and predictions for you.

You may ask up to five specific questions. Please consider the information you want. Ask yourself 'What sort of questions do I need?' Once you know what information is in need, you can frame your questions.

Recall that questions have to be asked in such a way that they can be sensibly answered by responses of 'Yes', or 'No'. Your question should also be as specific and clear as possible. The following are example questions:

  • Bad Example: 'What sort of work should I get?'
    This question cannot be answered. As its not specific.
  • Good Example:` 'Would it be good if I applied for a job as an engineer?'
  • Best Example: 'Would I get more job satisfaction working as an engineer?'

Your question can be made even more specific by breaking it into several questions enquiring about whatever it is that is important to you e.g. Would I get more job satisfaction/more wealth/better promotion prospects/ etc.

Please bear in mind that there are no fixed future outcomes in life. Future events are bound to be in constant change or in flux. It may happen either because of our conscious views and actions or because of our unconscious actions (karma). All things can change in time and with application of conscious effort. For this reason it is not advisable to ask such questions as 'Will I become rich?', 'Will I accumulate lots of property?', 'Will I find the love of my life?' etc...

It is extremely helpful in deciding between options, in telling you which of the choices open to you are good and which are bad. This is the correct use of the divination, just as you would use a GPRS road map to get to where you want to be geographically, It help you decide where you want to be in terms of life circumstances.

Submitting your Questions
Once you figure out exactly what you want to ask, just submit your questions!

The Results
Once the divination are complete you will receive a personal reply from Master Chin, the divination results to your questions. Results will normally be emailed to you within 3 days of receiving your Paypal payment.

Send and email to

After you have made a Donation of USD50.00 by Paypal. You may ask up to a maximum of 5 questions.

Please send donation to




Qi Men Dun Jia is one of the most powerful oracles, to identify both fortune and misfortune in aspects of time and space (direction). Qi denote mysterious or bizarre. Men denote a gate, and Dun denote hidden or way to escaped (to make hidden), and Jia is the foremost of ten stems, which is considered as the most sacred in this system.

In Dun Jia (or Dunjia) theory, we use a kind of circular disc called Pan, which is very similar to a Luo Pan (used for Feng shui consultation). The first inner ring is called Ding Pan. The second ring is called BaMen. Followed by other complex concentric rings.

It can be use to predict outcome of events, weather, business decision, age of death, auspicious directions, compatibility, and misfortune. This is the most sought after tool. It covers all aspect of divination. Can be used for solving obstacles.


i) FA QI MEN DUN JIA - Using Talismans and Spiritual forces associated with Taoism for the benefit of practitioner.

ii) SAN YUAN QI MEN DUN JIA - Widely practiced and disseminated nowadays.

iii) FEI KUNG XIAO QI MEN DUN JIA - Simplified and convenient form of QI MEN.

iv) QIN DUN (Astrological form) - Limited information available.  

More information to be revealed later. A new book and courses be published soon.


Throughout history, there were many great scholars and sages who devoted their lives to interpret human destiny. One of them is Tzu Ping, who lived around 800 A.D.

He established certain rules, making it easier to interpret destiny by examining the elements reflected in the birth data. The Chinese believe in the principle of balance and harmony in the universe. Any excessiveness, whether weakness or strength, is considered disequilibrium and means misfortune in destiny.

Ba Zi is used to analyze an individual’s birth data based on the five elements. It can be used to identify traits of individual’s strength and weakness. You can discover the following using Ba Zi:

  1. What is your lucky element?
  2. Which areas of life do you dominate? Money, Power, Academic, or Creative?
  3. Is wealth in your destiny?
  4. When is the best time to invest? Are you in a favorable luck period?
  5. Are you in the right trade or business based on your elements?
  6. Your best four directions?
  7. How to enhance your luck and change your destiny?


If you are eager to answer these questions above, we can provide you a full report on your destiny. That would include your luck chart for your entire life, which you can monitor and also review past events that had happen significantly based on the chart. Currently we are offering it to the first 500 persons that request for this report for a donation of USD15.00.

Please allow 5 days for the report to be delivered to you via email. We need your date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth.


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