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We hope that you will find this website a great source to learn about the practice of “Religious Taoism”. We hope to create the awareness to you, and anticipate that you will take some time to explore it for yourself!

As Taoism form a part of China’s heritage and traditions incorporating Buddhism, Confucianism, folk’s belief and Shamanism. A distinct philosophy inextricably entwined includes ancestors worship and animist beliefs have been incorporated. Therefore in this website you may find some of Buddhist philosophies expounded here due to the many features adopted from Mahayana (Great Vehicle) Buddhism, offering spiritual satisfaction to those who found the largely ethical system of Taoism inadequate.

Over the centuries, Taoism has evolved into two forms. The fundamentalists Taoism, following the writing of Lao Tzu (Dao De Jing) and his disciples Chuang Tzu decrees a simple yet contemplative life, conversely, the other form evolved into alchemy, exorcising of demons, the charms, spells, talisman, immortality and sorcery based on the earlier influence of Shamanism, spirit worship and alchemy.

We invite you to discover the extraordinary practice of Religious Taoism, Rituals and Practice never revealed before in the past.

 Spiritual Healing & Consultation  

Spiritual Healing is available on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday only by appointment. Please book appointment via email, venue to be provided upon confirmation. Find out more

 Courses on Tzu Wei Astrology  

Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star Astrology) Course Now available! For More information please click on the link. Find out more


Courses on Taoist Talismans

This is an exclusive Taoist Talismans course first ever introduced to the West! Talismans are edicts or commands from the spiritual realms, it encompass the communication to spirits, ghosts and gods. Its a special written form of calligraphy that utilize symbols, mantra's and mudra's (hand gestures). Find out more



SPI Seminar on Hungry Ghosts and Ritual Experiments of Journey to Hell to meet them on 23 August, 2008 Saturday            

Do you believe ghosts exist? In this event, it would be your very chance to come close and verify their existence.

In this interactive seminar, we have invited two guests of honour, (1) Mr. Tony Kern - the director of the Hungry Ghost Movie, and (2) Master Wilson from who is a metaphysics expert from Malaysia, both to share the insights over the phenomena of Hungry Ghosts with us.

Find out more

Here's the link to the Hell Tour   

Here's the link with more Photos and Updates   

SPI Halloween Bash @ Bottle Tree Chalet on 3 November,2007 Saturday                                                                           

Treats or tricks? Why not get both on this SPI Halloween Bash 2007 – the Spookiest Ever Event. On Saturday 3 November 2007, you are invited to join us for a series of exciting activities at Bottle Tree Chalet. Chalet, BBQ, Funfare, Investigation and Experiments.

 Find out more

 New Product Launched  

Read about the benefit of Cosmic Healing Disc, Increases body energy level, Calms, balances your Chakras...  Find out more                                                    

GUI GU ZI DIVINATION NOW AVAILABLE! Ask 5 Questions of your choice!   Find out more

Taoist Archives  

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 Taoist Talismans is offering the public access to Taoist talismans. These printed talismans embodies the power of divinity to assist mortals with many aspects of life including warding off disaster, evil spirits, diseases, achieving business success, improving human relationship and protection from harm during travel. The talismans are drawn by Mr.Wilson Yong and then “blessed” by conducting ceremonies that call upon the power of Taoist deities. Each taoist talisman is personally drawn by Mr.Wilson Yong and prepared specifically for each individual who orders one..Find out more

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Wilson personal BLOG:Taoist Talismans - A Personal Collections of my Talismans

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