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In this section we present unsolicited testimonials from our clients, in regards to our Talismans, mystical items and services. Generally, nothing has been edited and is presented the way they were written. Although many have given us positive feedback, in this section we only present the ones who have given us permission to publish them. Their identities are kept private and confidential if they wish to be anonymous.

If you have acquired our Talisman, mystical items and our services, that have given you some fascinating and unexpected results that you wish to share with others, simply email us with your brief story.

We would appreciate some feedback, please send us an email. Original contributions, which should be less than 250 words.


May 12, 2006. Mr.Mehta Kaushal from Pune, India.

HI Wilson,
Feedback About your Talismans. you can post it on your website.

I came across your website in google search engine. I spent few
days studying your site and found you to be genuine. As i am
having a cyber cafe in pune there is a lot of competiton going on
and therefore i asked a talisman for my shop. After putting it up
in my shop i found that within 15 days my business grew more than
30%. my old customers came back and also I made lots of new
members. You also answered all my emails even though u r very
busy and also answered all my stupid questions.
I have no idea how i can repay you. wish you all the best
kaushal mehta


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From: "karl schroder" <>
Date: Mon, 20 March 2006 20:50:59 +0200 (CEST)
Subject: Danke schön

Greetings from germany, Wie geht's? Just to let you know my
business had improved after using the wealth talisman. It's
amazing, just couldnt believed it had so much power in a
small piece of paper. wish i found your website sooner. I now have advantage over my competitors!

Danke schön



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From: "Chloe Howard" <>
Date: Saturday, March 18, 2006 10:52:27 -0000
Subject: Thank you, Testimonial

Greetings Wilson, I hope all is well with you. I want to let you
know that the human affinity talisman to improve relationship you
send me is working perfectly, my bf had fallen head over heels in
love with me again! I'm not sure if this is a coincidence but I'm
aware this happen very recent only after I used your talisman. He
would just do all these stuff that I wouldn't imagine to rekindle
our romance. Work couldn’t be better I'm getting along much
better now with my co-workers.
Thank you, Thank you...for helping me out. God bless you.:)

P/s: I will not forget to dedicate myself to charitable work as
promised. I shall contribute to these less fortunate people out
Warmest regards,


----- Original Message -----
From: ellenie curran <>
Date: Monday, March 13, 2006 11:16 AM
Subject: Testimonial

Dear Wilson,

Please post this testimonial on your website, you have my support
and consent.

Sometime back in February 2006, I had requested a Talisman to
protect my home from entities. The house I lived in had a history
of ongoing paranormal activities. My family is distress by the
disturbance caused by these entities, we had saw apparitions
sittin beside our bed at night, strange voices are heard in the
basement and the worst are the continuous harassment of sounds of
foot steps walking up our stairs at nite.

We call in paranormal investigators, psychic, and even our
resident minister. The haunting just doesn’t seem to stop. It’s
driving us crazy, I would never stay at home when my husband and
my kids are away. I end up in shopping mall, library or my
neighbor home and wait till they return.

I did a lot of reading in the library on ghosts, exorcism, Wicca,
magick, talismanic magic, etc...

That was until I found a book written by Laszlo Legeza's "Tao
Magic: The Secret Language of Diagrams and Calligraphy,” That
nite I surf the net to look for more information about Taoist
talisman. Found the website and sent an email. Mr. Wilson the
founder of taoistsecret personally replies my email, giving me
further info on how to exorcise these entities in my home. He
also sent me several talismans to be placed around the home and
for my family protection.

I received the talismans via Fedex after a few days and tried out
the rituals based on his instruction and also put up several
talismans around the home; one at the main entrance, bedroom, and
the exit. That nite the disturbances stopped, it had now been
almost 2 months since the last paranormal activity. I personally
think that he's a high level Taoist master, yet humble &
compassionate. Please keep up the wonderful work & bless you.

Ellenie Curran

To be continued...

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