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The 8th period consists of year 2004 to year 2023. By wearing the Auspicious Charm during the transitional period from year 2004 to year 2005 is extremely auspicious. According to the “Innermost Taoist Scripture- Chapter on Astrology” which is based on the 9 yearly orbiting constellation, integrating with the Taoist talisman we had created a remarkable Auspicious Charm, which enables one to be prosperous, prevent obstacles, protection and promotes human affinity.

Within the next 20 years, beginning from year 2004 to year 2023, each year one should change and wear the compatible Auspicious Charm designed specifically in accordance with the yearly constellations. The power of this charm is inconceivable. Can be use as a key chain or preferably wear it as a pendant.

Available for free distributions. The Auspicious Charm is limited in number, and they are distributed on a first come first served basis, until they are all gone. We appreciate a donation to cover all shipping and handling charges.




Buy Now at USD120.00 (inclusive of Shipping Cost)

This is a Taoist Dharma once revealed by my Grand Master, that comprise of using the power of the Dragon Turtle. It is very effective in fulfilling request such as:

a) Improving Health conditions and longevity.

b) Enhancing your Business activities and promote good fortune.

c) Increasing your fame, status and promotion.

d) Strengthen your relationship between spouses.

e) Change your child disposition, intelligent, obedient and hard working child.

f)  Higher Chances to conceive and have a child (for married couples) for these having difficulty conceiving.

How this works?

A special taoist talisman is drawn on an auspicious day and hour. This talisman comprise of several types of taoist talismans each having a special function, i.e. improving wealth, enhance relationship, protection, increasing fame, status, etc...

Your name and date of birth are then written on the talisman, this will be a special talismans reserved for yourself. It cannot be shared among friends and family members. As the next step you need also include a few strands of hairs, your finger nails, and toe nails. All this are then kept inside the Dragon Turtle stomach.

The talismans is then placed below the Dragon Turtle. Within 49 days you will see the results. Send me an email at

I shall provide you with more information.


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