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The Secret of Taoist Talisman

This video clips explains about Taoist Talisman, the proper way to draw a Talisman, the type of Talisman available currently, the Dharma implements used for empowering the Talisman and a demonstration of drawing a Taoist Talisman.

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The Taoist Secret Dharma to Change Destiny

Most people are interested in their Destiny. This is the reason why they consult astrologer, numerologist, Tarot card readers, etc…to take a glimpse of their lives.

Have you ever thought why some people are so fortunate to be born in a wealthy family while others lived in poverty? Some are born with disabilities while others are perfect. It’s all because of Karma; regardless of whether you are a believer or non-believer Karma exists within you unconsciously.

The question is “Can we change Destiny?”

The answer is a resounding “YES”. We can indeed change Destiny by performing various meritorious deeds, which will eventually and gradually improve your Destiny.

The other way is by performing a Taoist Secret Dharma that is used to change Destiny. Disclosed here is a video clip of how to perform the Taoist Secret Dharma to Change Destiny. For the first time ever this is revealed, this is a guarded secret of most Taoist Master. It is used to help these with obstacles, improve their current conditions in terms of wealth, health, career, relationship and most crucial of all is luck.

As they say in Murphy's Law ("If anything can go wrong, it will"), luck predominantly play an important factor influencing our lives.

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Lord Brahma

In 1953 the Thai Hotel and Tourism Co. started the construction of Erawan hotel. When it was near completion in 1956, the management consulted an astrologer for an auspicious date for its grand opening. As it turned out, the astrologer pointed out that the date when the foundation stone was laid was not suitable, and advised that a Brahman shrine and a guardian spirit shrine should be built to correct the error.

The management brought in the Department of Fine Arts to design and build the statue of Brahma according to the traditions of the department. The gilded plaster statue was enshrined at the Erawan hotel on November 9, 1956

Nowadays, both Thais and foreign visitors come to pay their respects at the Shrine, which is widely known as the Erawan Shrine. The number of worshippers is increasing every year. They come to pray to Brahma to grant their wishes, or simply to enjoy the exotic sights, sounds and atmosphere.

People offer colorful flower garlands, lotus, incense and candles. Often, if a wish has been granted, people thank the spirits by donating teak elephants or commissioning the classical Thai dancers and live orchestra to perform.     

This Video clips was taken in South-East corner of Ratchaprasong Junction, Bangkok, THAILAND.

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Mae Nak Shrine

This is a video clips taken in Mae Nak shrine, which is supposedly her burial place, is located at the edge of the Wat Mahabut compound in On Nut, Sukhumwit Soi 77, Bangkok. Her well esteemed shrine attracts visitors from far and near. Whether Nang Nak was a real person or just a fabrication is still as mysterious as the myth itself. There is no historical evidence of her existence. However, most Thais tend to believe her story is genuine, or at least some parts are. Popular legend tells that she was born in the Phra Khanong area of Bangkok about a hundred and thirty years ago during the later period of King Rama IV (1851 - 1868) and died of childbirth complications some eighteen years later in the early part of King Rama V's regime (1868 - 1910). Others assume that she lived during the reign of King Rama III (1841 - 1851). Some believers even date her presence back to more than two hundred years ago in mid-eighteen century Ayutthaya.

According to the legend, when war comes to Thailand, a young husband, by the name of Mak, leaves his newly pregnant wife and goes off to fulfill his duty as a soldier. A serious wound leaves Mak convalescing in Bangkok for many months, but eventually he recuperates and returns home. There he reunites with his devoted wife, Nak, and finally sees their infant son. He’s not aware that Nak had died from complications during labor with her unborn child. Although they are buried instantly according to local tradition, her strong spirit refuses to perish. When Mak comes back from the war, the ghost of Nak disguises herself and her "infant son" as humans. Their uncanny reunion is sweet but brief. Despite her arduous effort to deceive Mak to reality, Nak cannot prevent him from learning the truth of her death. The revelation itself provides one of the most memorable scenes in the story when Mak sees his wife grotesquely stretching her arm through the floorboard of their elevated house to pick up a fallen lime, or a knife in another version, on the ground.
The supernatural romance then transforms into a chilling horror. The terrified husband runs away, and the scary ghost follows. There are many gory accounts of how Nak chases, harasses, and even kills whoever comes between Mak and her. In order to get rid of the gruesome spirit, the villagers resort to all the possible religious means including exorcist and voodoo shaman, which soon prove to be in vain.
Mak finally takes refuge in the Wat Mahabut temple. Defying the monks, Nak persists and pursues. At last, a gifted young novice comes to the village and delivered her tormented soul.

Nang Nak has brought fortune to many individuals along with the local community, as her devotees believe. Apart from granting blessings and protection, Mae Nak is benevolent at giving out winning lottery numbers.

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