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Exposing: Taoist Talismanic Magic Secrets Normally Reserved For Taoist Disciples Initiated to the Order, Publicly Exposed For The First Time!


"Are You Looking For Easy-to-Perform,
Easy-to-Learn REAL Secrets of Taoist Talismanic Magic, Sorcery, & Casting
very Effective Spells


Look no further, you discovered it!


Here's your chance to do something extraordinary!  Master the art of drawing Taoist Talisman, which is the basis or root of casting and performing any Taoist Magic, Sorcery, and the science of commanding omnipotent supernatural beings, including: Spirits, Ghosts, Demons, and Taoist Deities.

You'll discover how lay people can learned to enlist the service of spirits and entities to get what they want out of life.  Whether it be the destruction of a terrible menace, the protection against malevolent spirits or perhaps an increase of wealth and popularity.

Before you get enthusiastic and wonder about all the possibilities magic powers will grant you let me be first to remind you: REAL Taoist Talismanic Magic & Sorcery isn't for just any person surfing the web...  in fact it many not even be for you...

From: Wilson Yong
CEO and Founder

Dear Future Taoist Practitioners & Skeptics,                                                                        

Let's face it -- Taoist Occult practice had roots in “shamanism,” has been a taboo subject after being suppressed during the Cultural Revolution in China, surviving practitioners had been hiding this occult practice or being risk executed or ridiculed.  Most people are not aware that Taoism was the official Religion of the Chinese before the Manchu, who conquered China and established the Qing Dynasty in the seventeenth century, embraced Buddhism as the Mongols had and developed close ties with the Tibetans. Taoist magic was once the most honorable art and science of all, reserved for Royalty, Philosophers, High Priests, and Aristocrats. The new rulers domination forced Taoists to abandon all traditions that they would not tolerate.

Most of the esoteric arts are either lost through time or it had died together with the practitioners. Only a minority of these esoteric arts today may still survive due to the perseverance of the practitioners that had fled the invasion and moved to another continents and re-establishing these rare teachings. 

Recent Comment

I was skeptical at first but now it's clear that you are not holding  back any information!  Before I discovered your site I had almost given up hope that his information even existed..."

Angela C  Sheffield, UK


Everyone's A Skeptic

I had to confess, I was once a skeptic.  If you're anything like me, you've probably seen your share of "magic books" and maybe even read a couple on spell casting, apparent "black magic" and all sorts of other gimmicks. Come to find out each and every one is promoting the same, no-results system of junks...

They seem to all be peddling a set of rituals that show the user how to focus on his or her desire with the use of little poems (or spells if you call it).  Which is NOT Magic!  Some useless voodoo doll that you've been tricked into believing had some type of mystical effect.  They are just poems with no real effect on the Spiritual realms whatsoever!

Contemplate about it -- What REAL Taoist Magic have you done?  I'll tell you straight up -- you're reading the WRONG STUFF.  Those 'rhymes' that you think are spells make you look ridiculous and real Practitioners like myself find it insulting!

For the past 15 years I've studied the art behind Taoist magic.  Through my own personal research and practice I've discovered the TRUTH about Taoist Magic and Sorcery!

And the truth is -- It does exist!  But you'll never find the type of results your looking for reading public books that anyone could find at Barnes and Nobel or -- instead, you'll find it right here, right now, on this very website!


Do you deserve to Learn?

For beginners, you actually know what I'm referring about... unlike the countless wannabes and fakers on the web.  Yes, I actually practice authentic Taoist teachings and rituals -- and will show you how you can too.  I've performed numerous successful rituals and have resolved a lot of issues. 

I will say that I've become a lot better than the average person because of my new occult abilities. 

For those of you who never doubt Taoist Magic no matter what "they" said, you'll love this site more and more and more as you read on because I'm going to let you in to my secret... my greatest source of power.


Spiritual Powers That You Might Acquire

For the first time in History, you're invited to partake in this extremely private, unveiling of Taoist Talismanic Magic magical abilities: 

         To Invoke & Command Spirits;

         To perform Exorcism;

         To Get Rid of Obstacles;

         To Obtain Prosperity & Fame;

         To Know the Secrets of Taoist Talismans, and Mantras;

         To Heal All Diseases & Ailments;

         To Create Affinity with these you meet (Etc.)

This is the first time in history this information has been so bluntly exposed to the public, and depending how things go this time may be the last. This highly confidential information, previously reserved exclusively for initiated practitioner, will then be kept, and taken back – quite possibly forever.


What you will learn in this Book...

Unveiled in this book are the secret of Taoist Talisman, Taoist Rituals, Secret Oral Teaching, and Mystical Hand Gestures (Mudra's). Detailed instruction are given for the preparations and applications of the Talismans for specific purposes achieve worldly success, win favors, improve relationship, exorcism and defeat enemies among others. The methods of practicing Taoist Rituals to attain miraculous powers, and fulfillment of one's desires, are explained fully.

-          History of Taoist Talismans practice and its ancient lineage

-     The symbolism of Taoist Talismans and its role in Taoist Rituals

-          An explanation of myriad benefits of Taoist Talismans

-          The proper method for constructing a Taoist Talismans

-          A detailed description of the hand gestures (Mudra's) and Mantras

      when used empowering Talisman               

-          Offers translation of Taoist Talisman and commentaries                                                                              

-          As well as instructive diagrams and photographs 


Review for The Secret of Taoist
Mitchell Earl Gibson MD

Over the years I have collected a large collection of books on the subject of spirituality and healing.  As a medical physician and author, I have had the opportunity to read some of the best books ever written on these subjects.  Finding a truly useful and applicable book that honestly advances the art and understanding of healing is a rare gift.  Most of the time, I have found that authors rely too heavily on obtuse metaphorical references to forces and deities that they barely understand.  That is not say that I have not found some of these works to be useful.  My point is, most do not live up to my expectations.  A book on healing should have power and magic.  It should force the practitioner to grow and evolve in order to truly apply the precepts. 

 The Secret of Taoist Talismans is such a book.  I happened to find the book by a series of "coincidences" during a collateral search for material on Celestial Calligraphy; long story.  Masters who employ Taoist Talismans are true adepts.  They receive years of training and apply arduous disciplines in order to control the forces which become embodied in the talismans.  This training is not unlike the training that medical doctors in the West receive. 

 Wilson Yong has managed to capture the essence of this arduous and exacting art in a well written and clearly presented style.  Be warned, in order to understand the text you will have to read every page, every word, at least twice.  I read it three times.  To the Western mind, the art of Fu is arcane and unfamiliar.  We don't follow the traditions of Gods and animistic forces with the fervor often found in the East.  This is to our detriment in my opinion.

 As I read and reread the text of The Secret of Taoist Talismans, I felt a stirring in my gut that pushed me to read more.  I looked at the talismans that I would be required to draw with exacting precision and felt something within me awaken.  I practiced the mudras which Yong states would bring out supernatural force within the practitioner. I did experience a number of supernatural "events" related to the mantras and mudras.  I still shake my head in wonder and awe every time I think about it.

 I tried using the talismans in the manner prescribed.  They worked. Repeatedly.  In just the manner that he suggested. This in and of itself is a rare and wonderful occurrence.  True healing in its purest form.   

 The Art of Fu is an ancient and hidden art practiced only by a small group of very secretive adepts in the East.  Wilson Yong was fortunate enough to spend years studying with a Grandmaster of the Art.  His training and erudition often shines through in the writing.  You can tell that you are dealing with a man who has seen the workings of the Force. The Secrets of Taoist Talismans is his attempt to share some of this sacred knowledge.

 Needless to say I am hooked.  I intend to acquire and read everything that I can find on the subject, most especially, the books written by Wilson Yong.  For the true student of healing, magic, and spirituality, The Secret of Taoist Talismans is a must have.

Mitchell Earl Gibson MD 


See review by others:

Unique and Valuable Insights, March 15, 2004

Reviewer: Andrea S.  from California.

This is an indispensable guide. It’s written from a Taoist practitioner perspective. No intimidating jargon, confusing academician theories, but a serious and committed Taoist practitioner who spent a lifetime practicing Taoism. There's a huge variations from the average Taoism materials, which is vague restatement of their theory and omission on specific application of such theory. Require application? Here it is.



Unique...and One of a Kind ever written, April 21, 2004

Reviewer: Seth Haruvi. from Birmingham, UK

This is a unique book in that it provides copious details as to how a Taoist priest actually draws “Taoist Talismans”. Not theory but an actual application, its packed with talisman which you can copy, the actual mantras and mudra’s used for empowerment of the talismans. That's very unique. For anyone who wants to learn the secret of ancients and discover how Taoists apply them, this is the book for you.

I give it my full recommendation.



The best book ever read, April 14, 2005

Reviewer: Jeremy Ye. from Singapore

This book is amazing it just goes beyond any human comprehension. I m an Asian and  this book has helped me learn of Taoism in a different perspective, I use to assume that Taoist Talisman to be superstitious religious mumbo jumbo. After reading this book written by Mr.Wilson Yong, I’m now inspired and learned to respect Taoist Talismans. It’s just not a piece of written paper, but embodies the entire traditions, practice of Religious Taoism. Highly recommended.


These Rituals work!, May 1, 2004

Reviewer: Charlotte. from Virginia

I agree with everyone, this is an awesome book. There is so much to learn from it. I have tried the ritual to get rid of “Base / Mean people” as written in the book on my colleagues. I just couldn’t believe it such a simple ritual can have such huge impact. I just can’t imagine what else it could do with other Taoist talismans and magick. I’m gonna try these out and write a future review later. Meanwhile I’m waiting for the next book “The Secret to the Mysterious of Taoist Magic” to be released. I now have a better understanding how a Taoist practitioner really do to perform authentic magic.


Awesome book, July 25, 2005

Reviewer: Denzel M. from NY

This is one hot book! Unlike some others, i have nothing against philosophical books, even the really lenghty ones. But you have to compliment those with books that give you the details. This is the only one out there, folks! This tells you how to be a real Taoist, not just how to recite Dao De Jing! If you're interested in learning about actual Taoist practices like talismans, spells, rituals, invocations, and so on, then stop reading this and start reading The Secret of Taoist Talismans by Wilson Yong.


ONE OF A MILLION, August 19, 2005

Reviewer: Ken A. Wang from c.a

I wanted to learn taoist talisman for long time, but i could not find any book on the subject at all. I found this this book and it is the real deal, it teach you in detail of true talisman, taoist ritual, spells, mantra, deity summon, etc.. this book is the only one of it kind in the U.S, that truely explain and teach you to do taoist stuff.

Some of the stuff in this book need lots of time and effort on your part to learn. Some ritual and summon are long and complex, but if you really keen in learning and casting spells and summon deities this book is a must have.



The best reference book, August 24, 2005

Reviewer: Stephen Everett. from Arizona

I am a 2nd year student doing research for my PhD in East Asian Studies and  this book has helped me tremendously for my research on Taoism. It had never been easy getting such book in the market tried hunting for such book on amazon, barnes and noble nothing showed up. Till I found this website. This book explains all the rituals in details, well layout, and most importantly written by an actual Taoist practitioner point of view and not from an academician. Highly recommended for students doing research in East Asian Studies and Religion Anthropology.


This is the real deal, March 12, 2006

Reviewer: Alexander M, from San Diego

I heartily recommend this book. Most books on Taoism are terrible. I just wrote a review for Laszlo Legeza's "Tao Magic: The Secret Language of Diagrams and Calligraphy," where I gave it 2 star because the book has nothing to say about Taoist Talismans, but a collection of Talisman taken from (Tao-tsang). This book, on the other hand, has everything. It gives us the actual ritual, mantras’, mudra, magic, actual talisman samples, anthropology, and on and on. What a great book. Buy it, read it, treasure it. Read my review at

With best wishes from your pal Alex.


What an extraordinary and timely book !! March 23, 2006

Reviewer: Chimmed Zangpo, from Sweden

Extraordinary,  for it presents  a depth of esoteric knowledge , which is both unique within itself, as well as an expression of centuries old , hidden wisdom and lineages.
Knowledge, which up until now has been almost totally inacessable without the right  introductions and ardous paths of initiations, especially for the English speaker, and especially within print.

Timely, for we live in an era in which more and more are aware of the subtle and  energetic  realms of existence - of both light and dark forces.
So seek both the knowledge to understand , as well as the means to independently nurture and draw the former, as well as to protect and banish  the latter.

The book is written in a very clear, pragmatic manner.  
The writing style , format and usage of English  makes the subject easily comprehensible.
Using  plenty of diagrams and examples to elaborate upon the text, one is given a step by step lesson on how to prepare and write different talisman , in which circumstance to use them , and the benefits.

It is obvious that Mr Wilson Yong , the author,  has not only a depth of experimental knowledge of his subject.
But also the ability to draw forward that which is relevant to give both an initiation into the subject , as well as a wider view.

Without giving away the joy of discovery of the inner content of the book .
One finds a pathway flowing from history  and lineage , to empowerments and rituals , to mantras and mudra's, to recognizing and protection against ghosts, spirits and sorcery .
One is readily able to follow,   learning  for oneself very effective rituals and the know-how of drawing of talisman.

As summary : a hands-on , do-it-yourself guide to writing and practicing Taoist talisman ;  informative, well presented , written with clarity, a beginners guide, as well as an overview map.

One can only look forward with eagerness to the further publications.
The website in itself is a mine of useful information and insights.

Chimmed Zangpo

Scholar Warrior

This 24 day 2 lunar month
Year of Fire Dog
Louises Forest , Sweden


Re: hey I order your ebook!!!love to chat online!!! May 28, 2006

Reviewer: Sun Mones, from Toronto, Canada

Just received your e-book. Amazing teachings! I have never seen such a candid and honest portrayal of sacred teachings in one book. !!!thanks again for putting this info out to the world..Sun Mones


We are pleased to offer you 2 Edition of this Book which you can either buy the Paperback Edition or the other options an Ebook Edition which you can download and read immediately.


Product Details

  • Paperback Edition: 166 pages
  • Product Dimensions:  8.5 x 11.7 inches
  • Title: The Secret of Taoist Talismans
  • Author: Wilson Yong
  • Publisher: Cosmic Media Publication (January 2004)
  • ISBN: 983-3206-00-X


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