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Revealing: The Great Compassion Dharani !


The Great Compassion Dharani (大悲咒) is recited daily in monastery and household throughout the world. Devout believers regard the very act of reciting the dharani mantra as the activity of the enlightened beings, and regards the mantras as the compassion Buddha’s holy speech. Reciting the mantra itself is said to be of immeasurable benefit to all suffering beings, invoke compassion, purify negativity, and remove any obstacles to enlightenment. The Dharani Sutra equips readers with awareness and understanding this unique and powerful mantra, including :

• A translation of the Dharani Sutra from Chinese and several other version of the text.

• Uncovered the mystery and symbolism of the 42 hands as expounded by the Bodhisattva Lord Avalokitesvara.

• A detailed instruction and description of the texts in using herbs to perform healing, exorcism,
extending lifespan, wealth, improving relationship, weather control and so forth.

• A detailed description of the visualization practices and mantras used when practicing the 42 hands.

• An explanations of the myriads benefits of reciting the mantra.

• Instructive diagrams and full color photographs.

Comes with an instructional Video clips of over more than 2 hours++ explaining and training on how to practice the Great Compassion Dharani.




Product Details

  • Paperback Edition
  • Title: The Dharani Sutra
  • Author: Dr.Wilson Yong, PhD
  • Publisher: Cosmic Media Publication (January 2011)
  • ISBN: 978-983-3206-12-4
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